handcrafting titanium jewellery in the uk for 42 years

handcrafting titanium jewellery in the uk for 42 years

handcrafting titanium jewellery in the uk for 42 years

handcrafting titanium jewellery in the uk for 42 years

handcrafting titanium jewellery in the uk for 42 years

handcrafting titanium jewellery in the uk for 42 years

handcrafting titanium jewellery in the uk for 42 years

handcrafting titanium jewellery in the uk for 42 years

Buyer's Guide




Only pure grades of titanium are used in the manufacture of our rings.

Experience has taught us that these (99.2%) commercially pure grades of titanium (Grades 1 to 4) have the best properties for our unique and varied jewellery applications. Grade 2 is the one we use most often and is the reason that we named our brand Ti2 Titanium.

Commercially pure grades of titanium are not as hard as many people imagine. This is one of the main reasons we as jewellers choose to work with these grades

We are able to work the metal with the highest quality traditional tools available to us, while maintaining our unique hands on approach to its manufacture. In this way we are able to produce designs which are much more than simply machine made parts.


Titanium is one of a group of special metals. These metals have characteristics enabling them to be used in the most demanding environments. Titanium possesses a number of the key attributes which makes it one of the metals of choice for industrial applications such as the Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Processing and Refining and Advanced mechanical engineering. Commercial pure grades of titanium have ultimate tensile strength equal to that of common steel alloys, but at a fraction of the weight.


This is one of titanium’s most unique properties. Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. This means that we are able to produce some of the finest ring profiles available. The rings remain strong and round but extremely light and comfortable to wear.



Resistance to corrosion is a very important factor in your choice of wedding ring, after all, it should be expected to last a lifetime. But whether it’s a wedding ring, a gift to a close friend, or an individual fashion statement you should expect the best performance from your choice of materials.

Titanium is unaffected by seawater, chlorine and many other chemicals. Only the highest grades of the noble metals such as gold and platinum can match titanium’s excellent resistance to corrosion.


Titanium is hypoallergenic. In fact, it is rapidly replacing other surgical implants and surgical instruments since the body does not react to it. Titanium is biocompatible, or non-toxic to the human body. All of our jewellery components are titanium making them totally hypoallergenic and kind to your skin.

*Some of our pendants are sold with sterling silver or nylon coated stainless steel chains, these are all stated on each product description. Please contact us if you need an alternative.


As creative designers, we have always loved working with titanium because of one of its most amazing features; its ability to take on a whole spectrum of colours. The naturally occurring colourless oxide layer which forms on titanium can be altered by a process known as anodising.

Colour Options

  • Light Green

    Light Green

  • Black


  • Brown


  • Dark Blue

    Dark Blue

  • Green


  • Kingfisher Blue

    Kingfisher Blue

  • Light Blue

    Light Blue

  • Natural Polished

    Natural Polished

  • Natural Satin

    Natural Satin

  • Pink


  • Purple


  • Tan


  • Yellow


This allows us to vary the thickness of the surface oxide layer, causing optical interference colours to become visible. Just like the colours seen in nature and those of a soap bubble or oil on water, the principle is the same. This oxide layer is reasonably robust and will not fade, but is liable to become damaged caused by abrasion. We, therefore, include colour in areas which are less susceptible to wear, especially on items such as rings and bangles.




Many of our pendants, rings & bangles can have hand prints, footprints, paw-prints and fingerprints engraved on them. Having a loved one’s print on the jewellery makes each piece totally unique and a wonderful keepsake too.

We can put any loved one’s print into a pendant although we are not limited to just adult and baby hand and footprints, we can also put animal prints on too! We could even make ‘kissed’ pendants where your lip prints can also be engraved onto an item of jewellery perfect for your partner!


Our fingerprint jewellery items make a perfect gift or a treat for yourself. You can always wear a part of your loved one with you at all times. If you would like your baby’s fingerprint on a piece of bespoke jewellery, then please note that baby fingerprints are not very well defined until about 2 years old. If you look at your baby’s prints, you can see if they have a well-defined fingerprint or not. If not, then the hand and footprint pieces are the best option in order to avoid any disappointment.

The best way to obtain a good print is through using an INKLESS WIPE KIT – these are available through numerous stores but we recommend purchasing them here. Please note the engraving will only be as good as your imprint – so please take your time & extra care when doing this – the design tool & engraving machine takes its information from your print, so we cannot be held responsible for poor prints.


All of the personalised jewellery range of prints, engravings and bespoke designs are especially made to your unique requirements and therefore, we can’t accept returns unless we have made a mistake with your order (such as a mis-spelt name for example).


If you require a fingerprint engraving, we can send you an inkless fingerprint press, and if the instructions are followed below, we will be able to create an engraved version of the fingerprint on your item of jewellery.

Perfect for Mothers, Fathers or Grandparent presents – totally unique & personalised.

Ti2 Titanium - creating a fingerprint for engraving


Please email us at jewellery@ti2titanium.co.uk with your name & postal address, requesting an inkless pad & which item you are interested in engraving. We’ll send you an inkless fingerprint pad through the post.

PLEASE NOTE: we require both the pad and your fingerprint impressions to be returned before we proceed with the order.


Ti2 Titanium - Standard Ring Finishes

When creating your item of jewellery, if it is natural (i.e. not coloured) you can choose between two end finishes:

  • Matt/brushed
  • Polished

If you browse through the shop, you will also see that a number of our standard ring designs offer the option of either finish, however, for some rings it is an integral part of the design. Many of our rings already include, as standard, one of our textured finishes that are detailed below.

  • Wave
  • Random Groove
  • Five Ripple
  • Pin Texture
  • Fissure
  • Planished
  • Sandstone


We aim to deliver all items by insured delivery to UK destinations within 7 working days during non-peak times. Deliveries to destinations outside of the UK may take longer. For security purposes, all our deliveries require a signature. Please ensure that the delivery address you provide is secure and that you or someone on your behalf is available to sign for the delivery. Prism Design accepts no responsibility for someone signing for your delivery without your authority.


UK Standard (items under £70.00) Royal Mail Signed For £5.00
UK Free Delivery (items over £70.00) Royal Mail Special Delivery £0.00
International Standard Royal Mail International Signed-For £15.00
International Special DHL £55.00

A delivery charge (which includes packaging and insurance) is added to all orders, as follows:

Ti2 Titanium boxes are complementary on all purchases and all items will be securely wrapped for postage.


You may cancel your order at any time prior to receiving the item.

You have the right to cancel your order within 14 calendar days of receipt of the item and receive a full refund of any money paid. We will not refund your return postage costs and it is your responsibility to ensure that any items returned reach us in the same condition that you received them.

If any item is found to be faulty then it must be returned to Prism Design within 14 calendar days of receipt of the item and it will be replaced free of charge.