Behind the Workshop Doors at Ti2 Titanium

At Ti2 Titanium, our workshop team constantly explores new design possibilities for made-to-order jewellery pieces. With a wide array of tools and machines, we craft unique textures, shapes, and patterns. From shaping and bending wire to cutting, squashing, and doming titanium, the creative opportunities are endless. Our goal is to continuously delight our long-standing customers with fresh additions to their jewellery collections.

Aimee's Delicate Titanium Wedding and Engagement Rings

Our chief designer, Aimee, specialises in creating delicate and feminine wedding and engagement ring sets in titanium. These rings are a departure from traditional plain titanium bands. Incorporating swirling, twisting, and wishbone shapes, and adorned with diamonds, titanium has never looked so elegant. Explore Aimee's Crossover Twist Diamond Engagement Ring.

Aimee has also had a hand in creating an array of shapes that we have laser cut. These laser cut shapes are each hand formed, welded, assembled, anodised and finished in our very workshop. Many of these designs end up as earrings or pendants.  Sometimes up to 4 different team members have a hand in creating one pair of titanium studs!

Hayley's Intricate Wirework Creations

Expert wirework creator Hayley excels at coiling, stretching, cutting, and welding titanium with precision. Using a laser welder, she joins the smallest fittings to earring or pendant designs, creating intricate pieces. Recently, Hayley has developed Charm Hoops with interchangeable charms, allowing for versatile styling. Discover Hayley's Titanium Star Charm Hoops.

Hayley also specializes in finishing and polishing titanium to a high standard; this is a very important role as it ensures our jewellery meets the highest expectations. The final process of finishing the jewellery is done in a methodical way to get the best shine or texture possible. 

Michelle's Japanese Floral and Carved Titanium Designs

Michelle brings Japanese floral prints to life through laser engraving and anodising, adding vibrant colours to her collection. She also creates carved titanium rings that exude fluidity and organic patterns using her specialist skills and advanced carving machinery. View Michelle's Tidal Carved Wave Ring.

Michelle is also our expert engraver and meticulously carries out intricate and specialised artwork from customers’ design briefs. We often get requests for personalised jewellery items and making that extra special is her top priority.

Tony's Coastal Edge Creations

As our longest-serving team member, Tony has designed a variety of unique pieces over the years. Recently, he has been crafting the Coastal Edge range by crushing titanium in a direct manner, followed by anodising and polishing to achieve the perfect finish. Check out Tony's Squashed 6mm Square Titanium Stud Earrings.

Tony also enjoys his role managing the workshop and ensuring jobs are processed swiftly and in an organised method. From the moment a job comes into the workshop it is important to keep it on track throughout its many processes. 

Mark and Ben's Precious Inlay Rings

New team member Ben collaborates with experienced goldsmith Mark to create precious inlay rings with varied textures. Each marking is handcrafted to create contrasting textures against the sleek titanium band, producing effects like frost, brush strokes, or volcanic rock. Explore Ben & Mark's Volcanic Rock Ring.

Mark takes the lead role in the making of titanium rings, making calculations so precise to ensure ring sizes are considered when creating inlay designs. To fuse the two metals together by stretching them to fit like a glove, takes experience and a strong yet exact amount of force.


Ben has recently joined the team to assist Mark with the ring and bangle designs, learning many of Marks techniques and skills along the way. He has enjoyed lending a hand in the designs of the new inlay rings and has carried out intricate textures using his new skills.

Abi's Diamond-Set Titanium Jewellery

Abi enjoys the challenge of setting diamonds into titanium, aiming to bring a castellated sparkle to pendant designs. She meticulously measures and marks the spacing for the diamonds, ensuring a flawless result with perfect claws to hold each stone. Discover Abi's Circle Diamond Pendant.

Adding gemstones and diamonds to a piece of jewellery is Abi's favourite thing to do. Often customers like to add a touch of sparkle and have an idea for the design, wether it is channel set, grain set, bezel or flush, Abi will endevour to add that precious gemstone in any titanium design that is possible!