Our Favourite Engraving Ideas

When it comes to laser engraving, you want something unique and personal to you. It can be very challenging to find the right words or ideas to make a piece of jewellery personalised. We’ve seen many different ideas over the years, some so sweet and romantic, others very tongue-in-cheek. Here are some of our favourites.

10. Names

A very popular engraving is that of simple and classic names on the inside or outside of the ring. You can choose your favourite font to make it feel even more specific to your style. This classic choice is timeless and personal. Engraving names onto wedding rings serves as a symbol of identity and connection between the couple. It represents the bond and commitment shared by two individuals who have chosen to spend their lives together.

9. I will always love you.

Choose a meaningful quote or a line from a poem that represents the couple's love and commitment. Examples include "Forever and Always" or "Two Hearts, One Love." A very sweet and heartfelt message to give to your partner on a special day. Remind them how long your love will last for them. 

8.Roman Numerals

Convert the wedding date into Roman numerals and engrave it on the ring. It adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to the engraving. Roman numerals have been used for centuries, making them timeless and enduring. Engraving wedding rings with Roman numerals ensures that the significance of the date or occasion remains relevant and understandable across generations.


7. On the Side

Engrave a snippet from the wedding vows or promises exchanged during the ceremony. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the promises made on their special day. This sweet engraving can be written around the flat side of the ring because this titanium ring has chunky flat sides.

6. Song Lyrics

Select a line or a few words from a song that holds significance for the couple. It could be their first dance song or a song that represents their relationship. For couples who share a passion for music, engraving song lyrics on their wedding rings is a beautiful way to incorporate their shared interest and celebrate the role that music has played in their love story.

5. Infinity Symbol

 Engrave the infinity symbol, which represents eternal love and limitless possibilities. It's a popular choice for couples who want to symbolize their forever bond. In various spiritual beliefs, the infinity symbol represents divine and spiritual love. Engraving it on a wedding ring can reflect the couple's shared spiritual connection and their belief in a love that transcends the physical realm.

4. An eternal heartbeat

The heartbeat is a universal symbol of life and love. Engraving a heartbeat onto a wedding ring represents the couple's love as a vibrant and essential force that beats within their hearts. Engraved continuously around the ring and anodised in your preferred colour, It's a simple yet elegant option that symbolizes a couples love and unity. The heartbeat engraving can also symbolize significant moments or milestones in the couple's relationship. It may represent the moment their hearts first synchronized or the exhilarating feeling of being in each other's presence.

3. A fingerprint

A fingerprint is one of the most distinctive features of an individual's identity. Engraving a fingerprint adds a highly personal and one-of-a-kind touch to the wedding ring. It represents the uniqueness of each individual and the special connection shared between the couple.

2. When two become one

A simple and effective engraving idea, the two rings sit ‘Together’ to join the letters in these rings, symbolising two halves of a whole. Engraving two halves of a message can be a delightful surprise for your partner. When they see the partial message on their ring, it creates curiosity and anticipation until the rings are joined together, revealing the complete message and expressing the depth of your love.

1. Star Wars Rings

These Star Wars inspired wedding rings are engraved in Aurebesh (A language from the galaxy).
“I Love You” is shown on her ring and “I know” on his. These titanium wedding rings are also anodised in imperial pink and navy blue, with the colour carefully removed by hand to illuminate the engravings and grooves. 


What should I engrave on my wedding ring?

Deciding what to engrave inside a wedding ring is a personal and meaningful choice. It should reflect the couple's unique relationship and capture the essence of their love. Here are some steps to help you decide on the perfect engraving:

·         Reflect on Your Relationship: Take some time to think about your journey as a couple. Consider your shared experiences, inside jokes, and significant moments that have shaped your relationship Reflecting on these aspects can provide inspiration for your engraving.

·         Discuss with Your Partner: Engraving the wedding ring is a decision that should involve both partners.

·         Have an open conversation about your ideas, preferences, and what you want the engraving to represent. It's essential to ensure that both partners are comfortable and happy with the chosen engraving.

·         Find Inspiration: Look for inspiration from poetry, literature, songs, or quotes that hold special meaning for you as a couple. Consider lines from your favourite love song, a meaningful quote from a book, or a sentiment that encapsulates your bond. These sources can provide inspiration and help you find words that express your love and commitment.

·         Keep it Personal: opt for something personal and unique to your relationship. Consider engraving each other's names, initials, or a special nickname that holds significance for both of you. You can also include the date of your wedding or the date of a significant milestone in your relationship.

·         Capture the Essence: Think about the qualities or characteristics that define your relationship. Is it filled with laughter, adventure, or unwavering support? Consider engraving a word or phrase that captures the essence of your love and the values you cherish as a couple.

·         Consider Language and Length: Take into account the available space inside the ring and the desired font size. Keep the engraving short and concise to ensure it fits comfortably. Consider using abbreviations or symbols to convey a longer message within limited space.

·         Seek Professional Advice: Consult with a jeweller who specializes in engraving, such as us, here at Ti2. We can guide you on font styles, sizes, and provide suggestions based on our experience. We can also show you samples of previous engravings to help you visualize the final result.

Remember, the engraving on a wedding ring is a sentiment that will be cherished for a lifetime. Take the time to consider your options, ensure it holds special meaning to both partners, and captures the love and commitment you share. If you need help, advise or would like to discuss options, please e-mail us at


Ten Funny Wedding Ring Engraving ideas
While engraving wedding rings is a personal choice and should reflect the couple's style and preferences, here is a list of humorous wedding ring engraving ideas that may bring a smile to your face:
1. "Put it back on!"
2. "Marriage level unlocked!"
3. "Don't even think about losing this one."
4. "If lost, please return to the nearest bar."
5. "Together in eternal awkwardness."
6. "Warning: Wearer may become unbearable when hungry."
7. "In case of emergency, propose again."
8. "Under new management."
9. "I do... dishes, laundry, and taking out the trash."
10. "Just married... send help!"